Pamella and Sydney’s Excellent European Adventure: Part 2, Paris When it Sizzles!

London proved to be a perfect example of Old World elegance, but as a fashion designer, Paris truly has a special place in my heart. As a young girl growing up in the Midwest, films like “An American in Paris” and “Funny Face” were a wonderful way to discover the City of Light and the glamorous world of high fashion. When my daughter Sydney suggested we travel by train from London I knew this was going to be a very special visit.  

Paris Fashion Week was in full swing when we arrived  and our sales team was already showing our latest collections from a beautiful suite at the Park Hyatt Vendome. It is a thrill to see our made in New York gowns so well received by international clients and to know that pamella roland is purchased and worn by chic women around the World!

The weather could not have been better which made our visits to Notre Dame, Musee D’Orsay and Versailles that much more special. Paris is known for art, fashion, culture and of course amazing food! Our dinner at La Societe was exceptional and I will make it a must for the next time I am in this wonderful city.

Je T’aime Paris!

Xo Pamella

Pamella and Sydney’s Excellent European Adventure: Part 1, London!

As a designer and entrepreneur there never seems to be enough time to get away and just have fun. When we planned this Mother/Daughter trip I knew it had to be a special with activities that we would both enjoy. Staying at the wonderful Claridge’s hotel, famous for their afternoon tea, is a perfect way to experience true English hospitality. There is so much history in a city like London and I always like to start with Big Ben. From there we’ve had a whirlwind of culture and fun: The wedding gown exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Dinner at Soho House London,  Windsor Castle and a special treat for my daughter… the Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Brothers Studio!

The best part for me was meeting Prince Harry at a benefit dinner. It was a wonderful night!

Stay tuned for our next stop in one of my favorite cities for museums and of course fashion: Paris!

XO Pamella

More Than Just A Dress...

Wedding gowns are one of the most memorable and special aspects of a wedding. They not only represent the personality of the bride, but also the mood of the time, and it is often the first thing that every little girl dreams of when she envisions her big day. I cherish the photos of my mother in her wedding dress because they capture a beautiful moment in her life that I can see made her very happy.


I was married in 1981 and have many fond memories of trying on different styles until I found the one I would wear on that very special day. The gown I chose was very stylish for that time: Pouff Sleeves, full skirt and a classically feminine open neckline. Interestingly enough, Princess Diana was married that same year in a very similar style, although her dress had a 25 foot train!


It was that very dress worn by Princess Diana that was the highlight of the sold out exhibition “Diana- A Celebration” held at the Grand Rapids Art Museum in 2010. My husband and I were honored to be the lead sponsors of the Diana exhibit, which included visits to Grand Rapids by my good friend Nigel Barker, who helped introduce the exhibit, as well as Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, whom I have come to know quite well through the years.


Now I am working with my daughter to design the perfect dress for her wedding next year. I’m thrilled to know that I will be a part of making those wonderful memories that will be passed down to future generations of our family.

My Kind Of Town

As a Midwest native it’s easy to understand why my family and I have always considered Chicago a second home. It is one of my very favorite cities; full of life, style and beauty. The artistic culture of the city is clearly visible with so many outdoor sculptures, museums and of course the performing arts. One of my favorites is the Joffrey Ballet, and as a board member I’m thrilled every time I experience one of their amazing performances.

In addition to enjoying the city, it’s important to contribute as well. We are excited to open a new car dealership, and become involved in the growth and vitality of one of our favorite places. Chicago is a great American city that I think everyone should visit, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love just as I did.


I recently had the pleasure of vacationing in beautiful Fiji with my family. The scenery and landscape has served as the inspiration for great artists like Gauguin, and it’s no surprise with all of the lush greenery, crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets, every moment could be a painting. The only thing that surpassed our surroundings, was the time I enjoyed with my family, and the exciting engagement of my daughter Cassandra. We are all so happy we got to celebrate with her, and her fiancé Heath Thorndill.

Fall 2014 Campaign Shoot

It was a beautiful spring day in New York...the kind that reminds you of how magical it can be. There could not have been a more perfect scenario to shoot our Fall 2014 campaign, in the very city that inspired the collection. It was exhilerating to watch the clothing come to life in front of my friend Nigel's camera, with my team by my side. It's these moments that make all of the hard work worth it. I can't wait to see the final product! Take a look at what it was like the behind the scens in the slideshow.

Mother's Day

I recently experienced the loss of my mother, and I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult moments in my life. I will always miss her, but I am happy in knowing that she will forever be the compass that guides me.


I hope that I will honor her by being the same to my children. To all my fellow moms...Happy Mother's Day! To everyone else, remember to hug and kiss your mother as often as you can!


Lord & Taylor

The launch of the new Pamella pamella roland line is something that the team and I have been excited about for some time. This April, we were thrilled to celebrate its release at the New York City Lord&Taylor. It was fun to share the stage with my good friend Nigel Barker, and share our professional and personal history with fans and colleagues. We even had a chance to spend some time with the beautiful girls from season 2 of Oxygen's,The Face, who had the opporotunity to wear the Pamella line during a challenge. The event was a great chance to show off this new side to the pamella roland brand, and interact with fans and customers, all while enjoying a glass of champagne. Take a look at the slideshow for a behind the scenes look at this great event!

The Face and Pamella pamella roland Make Magic in Brooklyn

We are excited to announce our partnership with Oxygen’s The Face, and the new Pamella pamella roland line, commencing with a special edition tote bag available now. Shooting for the show was just as hectic and exhilarating as a live fashion show; with wardrobe malfunctions, last minute changes and damage control, but the show must go on! It was fun to be there first hand, and watch the contestants complete their challenges. Needless to say it was a long and busy day, but sharing a glass of champagne with my team and friends was the perfect ending. Make sure to tune in and watch for the episode featuring Pamella pamella roland on Wednesday March 19th at 10/9c on Oxygen!

Fall 2014 Runway

There is so much that goes on leading up to the runway show. Each day is filled with final changes, shifiting things around and quick decisions. I wanted to share what it is like behind the scenes at pamella roland 48 hours before the lights come up, and the show begins.


Sunday, February 9, 2014; 48 hours to show time:The office is buzzing with models, production teams and sewers. Last minute fittings need to be done, while the team and I decide which looks will make it out on to the runway. Making sure each garment fits perfectly is imperative. The order of looks is constantly changing to accommodate what looks best on what model, and making sure that the timing is right.

Monday, February 10, 2014; 24 hours to show time:The day before the show is all about getting last minute details in to place. Fittings are still being done, as well as close checks on the garments to make sure that they are show ready. Pairing the perfect pair of Manolo's and Chopard jewelry with the peices, put the finishing touches on the looks to be shown.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014;Show Day:Arriving at the venue is a mix of excitment and nerves. Seeing the hair and makeup being done, bustling backstage, and awaiting the collection is exhilarating. A few hours before the show, it's time for a run through. I love being at the front of house, in an empty space, watching with my family, and coaching the models with the help of my friend Nigel Barker. As the space fills, backstage is a flurry of models, garments and last minute changes. It's amazing how so much work boils down to only a few minutes of actual show time, it all happens so quickly. As I watch in the wings, I am so proud of my work and my team. Walking down the runway and kissing my family makes every show finale special. Another year down!

TJ Wilcox Interview

TJ Wilcox is an artist whose work “In the Air”, currently on view at the Whitney Museum until Feb 6th, 2014, is the inspirational starting point for the upcoming Fall 2014 pamella roland collection. Born in Seattle, WA in 1965 and now living in New York City, TJ’s work is a mix of mediums such as photographs, film or collage of images he either shoots himself or appropriates from television, movies and other programs. His work has also been exhibited at the MOMA, NY and the Tate Modern, London. Following is a Q&A that looks to shine a light on a muse that inspires both TJ and pamella roland...New York City.

PR: Your early history takes place on the West Coast. What inspired you to make the move to NY and when?
T.J: I moved to NY in 1986, I really wanted to be an artist, and New York just seemed like the place to be. I was fascinated in High School with Andy Warhol, and the whole downtown art scene. Coming to New York for art school was sort of an excuse for my parents to allow me to move to New York at such a young age.

PR: Was New York what you expected and what are some of the myths that were proven true or untrue?
T.J: About a month or two after I moved to NY the news broke that Andy Warhol had died. It was on every newsstand in the city. I had this feeling that I had come too late for the party, to be a part of that scene that I mythologized back in Seattle, but in the end my friends and I created our own world.

PR: What has been your most memorable “New York moment”?
T.J: When I first moved to NY, I went with my sister to the observatory on top of the Empire State Building. I was so overwhelmed when I first arrived, and being up there I was able to get the lay of the land. It was so beautiful. From then on whenever I got out of the train, or was a bit turned around, I looked for the Empire State Building to get my bearings; it was like my North Star.

PR: During the summer months New Yorkers love to get out of the city. Where do you go?
T.J: In the 80’s when I was new to the city my friends and I would go to “Tar Beach”, the tar topped roofs of the tenement buildings on the lower east side. There were beautiful views, and we would go up there and throw great parties. Now, I go to my home on the North Fork of Long Island.

PR: A solo show at the Whitney Museum is very prestigious and a great accomplishment. What did you do to celebrate?
T.J: I didn’t really celebrate until after the show. When I first got the news I ran to my assistant, “We need to get to work now!”, the pressure was really on. After the show I was able to have a glamorous New York evening at the Carlyle, with a great banquet style dinner, and celebrate with some of my favorite people in NY, including Pamella and her husband Dan.

PR: Last but not least… Vodka or Gin?
T.J: Well…it depends. Vodka Martini and Gin Negroni.

Pamella by Pamella Roland
Spring 2014

I am excited to welcome the Pamella line to our growing pamella roland family. Much like my own family, I strive to dress both mothers and daughters. This collection offers the daughters of the world the beautiful fabrics, detail and styles that pamella roland is known for, at a more attainable price point. Whether the woman who wears Pamella wants to embody the easy class of Audrey, or let out her inner Marilyn, this collection has something for everyone. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!
From Pamella Roland

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, sharing meals, and spending time with my family makes each holiday season special. Trimming the tree, decorating the house inside and out, and making Christmas cookies are traditions that have lasted year after year, even as my children have become adults. One of my favorite ornaments is one that my son Cole made for me when he was just 6, the same year that we launched pamella roland. Christmas Eve is always spent with the whole extended family. Christmas morning is spent at home, with my husband, children and my mother’s fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Each holiday is filled with love and joy, and I extend the same to all of you.

Happy Holidays

Lights, Camera, Action!
Reports from backstage

Doors are closed, lights are dimmed and the audience takes their seats.  Before I know it, the music starts and I see models walking up and down the shimmering runway.   I’m backstage, anxiously watching the monitor until I suddenly find myself in the gleaming spotlight as I wave to the audience.  And then I realize it’s all over.   It might sound quick and simple but there’s a whole other show that happens backstage.  Take a look at what went on behind the scenes at our Spring 2014 runway show.


Fashion, Hollywood, glamour, red carpets and movie stars are usually the first things that come to mind when I think about the infamous Cannes Film Festival. Everything about it sounds perfect so this is what I was thinking about last May when I was packing for my trip to this beautiful city that is all about fashion, food and parties. I was so overwhelmed by the glamour of it all, that I neglected to even check the weather in Cannes on my iphone prior to leaving! Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for the endless amounts of rain and unexpected puddles that wreaked havoc on both my hair and my wardrobe. Over packing paid off though as this world traveler was not going to let anything rain on her parade . . . or the sea of dresses I brought along with me!!

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